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  • German/Dutch Hotels & Car Rentals - VAT is refundable on these expenses only if invoices are made out to your company's NAME and ADDRESS. You may wish to notify frequent travelers of this requirement.

    If your travelers bring back invoices without this information, feel free to send them to us. We will contact the vendors and request alterations to the original invoices. We are able to salvage approximately 60% of non-conforming invoices. 

  • VAT Claims from most countries must be accompanied by proof that your company is registered for tax in the U.S. or Canada. Both the IRS and Canada Revenue issue specific forms for this purpose. Contact us for details or assistance obtaining the required form.

  • Deadline Approaching - To ensure timely submissions, U.K. invoices dated July 2019 to June 2020 should be forwarded to us by September 2020.  French, German and Swedish invoices dated in 2019 should be forwarded by June 2020.